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Posture Check


  • Learn how to improve your posture and upper body strength to enhance  performance at work and with all the activities you enjoy.

  • Addresses factors that contribute to neck and shoulder pain or injury.

  • Don’t let those normal degenerative changes, such as neck disc bulges or soft tissue abnormalities distract you from the life you love!

  • Progress from phase 1 (conservative) to phase 3 (advanced) at your own pace.

  • All you need is about 10 or 15 minutes per day!

Posture Check is designed to improve postural alignment.  

Developed by physical therapists, our online orthopedic exercise programs are designed to teach you how to move and feel better!

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Ready to Begin

How heavy is your head? Normal posture- 12 lb. 

2 inches of forward head posture = 32lb. 

3 inches of forward head posture = 42lb. 

Forward head posture occurs when we slouch. 

No wander those neck muscles are so tight!

Prepare to feel great!
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