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Posture Check


Posture Check is designed to improve postural alignment.  

  • Learn how to improve your posture and upper body strength to enhance  performance at work and with all the activities you enjoy.

  • Addresses factors that contribute to shoulder and neck pain or injury.

  • Don’t let those normal degenerative changes, such as neck disc bulges or soft tissue abnormalities (see below), distract you from the life you love!

  • Progress from phase 1 to phase 3 at your own pace.

  • All you need is about 10 or 15 minutes per day!

Did you know?

In one research experiment, over 70% of people in their 20’s had disc bulges in their neck- and none had neck pain!  Even healthy people have strange things on their MRI, but it doesn’t mean surgery is required or even that those “abnormal” findings are all that “abnormal”. (Nakashima et al. Spine. 2015 March)

Another study found that up to 70% of asymptomatic shoulders had a superior labral tear (tear in the joint capsule).  Again, that means that 70% of people between 40 and 60 years of age have these “tears” and do not know it.  We should realize that some imaging findings may be normal age-related findings. 

How heavy is your head? Normal posture- 12 lb. 

2 inches of forward head posture = 32lb. 

3 inches of forward head posture = 42lb. 

Forward head posture occurs when we slouch.  No wander those neck muscles are so tight!

What to expect:

  1. Start by clicking on the PURCHASE tab above.  

   2. Select the program you would like to          participate in.

   3. You'll be prompted to register to                  create your account then directed to          pay for your program.

  4. Access your program from the         

      COURSES tab above.

   5. Learn about and perform postural and        shoulder strengthening exercises.

   6. You'll receive pictures and handouts   

       to keep you on track and consistent  

       with your exercises while you 

       perform these at home.

   7. When ready, progress to phase 2,

       including new exercises, taking you to        the next level.

Prepare to feel great!
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