Why we should join courses by Dmetify Private Limited?

With continuous increase in supply-demand gap, the competition is stiff among marine engineers. Our courses upskills the marine engineers in repair, maintenance and troubleshooting of various shipboard machineries apart from developing workshop training. This will provide a marine engineer with the confidence to work on-board efficiently in emergency situations and in general. Last but not the least, our courses also help junior level marine engineers to clear MEO Class IV and Class II exams faster.

Is Dmetify an RPSL company providing jobs?

No. Dmetify is not an RPSL company and we don't offer jobs to marine engineers by our name. We work towards arranging interviews for our students by directly approaching shipping companies with proposal to recruit students trained with us.

Who all can join our training programmes?

Any marine engineer or engine ratings (irrespective of any rank) who are interested in developing their practical skills of working in engine room can join our courses.

Frequently Asked Questions