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Our Classes
Posture Check

Learn how to improve your posture & upper body strength to prevent neck & shoulder pain and for enhanced performance at work & with all the activities you enjoy.

Core Issues

Learn how to improve your core strength which is known to minimize stress on the low back and prevent low back pain during daily and recreational activity. 

Building Your Base

Learn how to improve lower extremity strength and flexibility to prevent knee and hip pain, to improve balance and to keep you enjoying the life you love!

Partnering with 

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to fund lifesaving blood cancer research.

(50% of proceeds are donated)

Taking care of your health

Move Better

It’s not just exercise- this program is guided by Dr. Greg House, PT, an orthopedic specialist whom will show you the most effective exercise techniques for the most important areas you need to safely stretch or strengthen.


Be Pro-Active

Learn the exercises and mov’t techniques which have helped thousands of people overcome acute or chronic pain.

Feel Better

Each program is designed to effectively resolve common musculoskeletal imbalances resulting from computer use, sedentary lifestyles or repetitive activity.  Progress to a program involving functional exercises to improve tolerance for every day activity or to improve sports performance.

Save Time

Spend about 10-20’ per day exercising in the convenience of your home.  You'll be done with your workout in the time it takes most people to drive to the gym.

Save Money

We realize that finances shouldn’t be a barrier to good health and this program is priced so that everyone can benefit from our orthopedic expertise.  Minimal, inexpensive equipment can be utilized to get a great work out at home. 

Be Productive

Developed by physical therapists,  this program  utilizes the best and most current research to offer safe, efficient and effective exercise.

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